No cash at Mackinac Bridge

March 18, 2020

Located about 50 miles south of the Michigan Sault, the Mackinac Bridge Authority will no longer accept cash at its toll booths until further notice. The new measure takes effect this Saturday amid concerns of the coronavirus, Sault Business Matters has confirmed.

Bridge customers will need to pay with a credit or debit card, or use a MacPass card or windshield sticker.

“We realize this change may be an inconvenience for many of our customers but eliminating the handling of cash between drivers and our employees is one more way we can help slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus,” relayed Mackinac Bridge Authority executive secretary Kim Nowack. “We’ll re-evaluate this policy as the situation evolves.”

As bridge commuters pay with credit or debit cards, the toll collector will hold the credit card device out to the driver so they can insert their card. Drivers will not need to hand their cards to the toll collector.

Information on the new payment policy can be found via

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  1. Not many people might be using the bridge except transports . Solve problem let traffic over free .

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