Online vendor event

Angela Romano
April 30, 2020

Sault Business Matters is pleased to announce that local entrepreneur Amanda Holmberg of Amanda’s Reading Corner — she is also a local “gelmoment” vendor — has organized a local online vendor shopping event for this weekend.

The event will feature local vendors who normally would be at craft shows in the spring.

Support Local SSM (Mother’s Day edition) is the name of this group on Facebook and its online vendor event will be happening this Saturday through Monday. (May 2 to May 4.)

Each day you will learn about the various vendors and what they offer!

Shop from the comfort of your home, support these local vendors — and stay safe while doing so.

Happy shopping!

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  1. Hi Maria. I believe the vendors are already selected for this event but reach out to Amanda of Amanda’s Reading Corner on FB and she can advise if more are planned.

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