Remote property tax relief

April 7, 2020

Relative and sensitive to the COVID-19 crisis, Ontario’s Progressive Conservative government is deferring $15 million in property taxes for residents and businesses in areas of northern Ontario that are located outside municipal boundaries.

In a nutshell, taxpayers will have an 90 extra days to pay without incurring interest or penalties. For example, taxpayers who would be required to pay a property tax installment today will have until July 6 to pay without interest or penalties.

Ross Romano, the Sault’s member of provincial parliament, noted that “our government understands the challenges residents across northern Ontario face in this difficult time.

“This deferral will provide immediate relief to residents across the north, including residents of the Sault who own property or a business outside of the city,” added Romano.

Meanwhile, city council in the Sault has already approved waiving interest and penalty on tax bills that are due next month.

That allows local property tax owners the option of not making the tax payment — or face penalty for it — until a later date.


▪ The Provincial Land Tax is the property tax paid in unincorporated areas of northern Ontario outside municipal boundaries. The province directly collects this tax to help fund community services, such as policing, land ambulance, public health and social services in unincorporated areas.

▪ The deferral of unincorporated area property tax payments applies to all of the levies that are collected through the consolidated Provincial Land Tax bill. This includes provincial land tax, education property tax, and any local road board and local service board levies that are paid through the Provincial Land Tax bill.

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