$3 million for Trunk Road

Randy Russon
May 11, 2020

The Sault’s member of provincial parliament has confirmed that the Ontario government has committed the tidy sum of $3 million to support the resurfacing of Trunk Road.

“This is the second consecutive year that Sault Ste. Marie has received the maximum amount of funding available within Ontario’s ‘connecting links’ program,” relayed Sault MPP Ross Romano.

“Last year our government provided the full $3 million for the widening of Black Road. This year, Sault Ste. Marie applied to secure funding for the re-surfacing of Trunk Road and once again we have been approved for the full $3 million available,” Romano added.

“As everyone in our community knows, our roads are in constant need of repairs, especially those that serve as links to our northern highways. I commend minister of transportation (Caroline) Mulroney for this much needed investment,” Romano pointed out.

Meanwhile, Sault mayor Christian Provenzano noted that, “I want to recognize the Ontario government for contributing to the resurfacing of Trunk Road.”

And the aforementioned minister of transportation Caroline Mulroney chimed in by saying that the Ontario government “understands that the maintenance and repair costs of roads and bridges places a heavy burden on our municipal partners … that is why we continue to support our local communities with investments that will keep families safe and goods moving.”

PHOTO: Caroline Mulroney and Ross Romano.

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