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Angela Romano
May 6, 2020

Situated at 494 Albert Street East in downtown Sault Ste. Marie, you will come across a beautiful, rustic looking building that is home to the law offices of Willson Greco Barristers & Solicitors

It is refreshing to see older buildings being repurposed to house modern working offices and the result is a work space that has a lot of character and charm which is what I first noticed when I first stepped into the space. 

The firm is home to well known and respected lawyer, Bruce Willson, who has practiced mainly criminal, real estate and estate law for many years and young Joseph Greco, who is a relative newcomer to the law profession but equally as tenacious and hard working as Mr. Willson. 

Mr. Willson has been the lead counsel in many significant criminal trials having tried thousands of trials and hundreds of jury trials over his 42 year career. With his many years of experience, Mr. Willson has a wholehearted understanding of the criminal law and is one of the most experienced criminal lawyers in Sault Ste. Marie.

Real estate and estate practice has also become a big part of his expertise and with the assistance of Maria Spina and Brandon Gough, Mr. Willson is able to assist many clients with their real estate and general estate legal transactions.  It is also worth noting that Mr. Willson believes in inspiring and teaching newcomers to the profession and as such is also an adjunct Professor of Law at Algoma University.

Joseph R. Greco was called to the bar on January 26 2018, but before that he worked extensively and was mentored by Mr. Willson when he was a law student.  He will be the first to admit that he is fortunate to have the experience of Mr. Willson to rely on when needed. 

Joseph’s areas of expertise include real estate, corporate, estates law and criminal law.  Joseph can also be contacted about alternative dispute resolution especially negotiation. 

His experience in the operation of a business is extensive, having grown up with a family business and now part owner of that business, Mr. Greco is in a position to advise clients of the real-life issues when running a business, not just the legal aspect. Mr. Greco takes an everyday and realistic approach to the practice of law, similar to that of Mr. Willson. Mr. Greco realizes that time is valuable, and getting straight to the point of things is his strong suit.

Adrienne Hagan was called to the bar on September 25, 2019.

Ms. Hagan works closely with Mr. Willson and Mr. Greco in providing mainly criminal law services to clients. Ms. Hagan does also practice in the areas of Estates law and Real Estate Law. Having grown up in Thessalon on the family farm and working in the family grocery store, Ms. Hagan is a perfect match for the firm. Ms. Hagan is passionate about the law and passionate about preserving our local businesses and the people therein. She has extensive knowledge of the criminal law having completed her law school placement with the Crown Attorney’s office in Thunder Bay, giving her the exact insight she needs to practice as a criminal defence lawyer. Ms. Hagan fights hard for her clients and does everything in her power to preserve their rights.

Rounding out the hard-working team at Willson Greco is senior real estate law clerk Maria Spina, legal assistant Lindsey Buchan, and real estate law clerk Brandon Gough.

The over riding approach at Willson Greco is to work very hard to ensure the best possible end result and resolution for their clients. 

With regard to real estate transactions, the team at Willson Greco is fond of offering this advice – the top ten things to do when buying or selling a house, call them and they will handle the other nine!   

With over 40 years of legal experience, anyone who seeks legal advice from this firm are sure to be in good hands.  In fact, the team prides itself on providing great service and is always happy to respond to questions.

Joseph, Bruce and Adrienne are so appreciative of all the front-line workers who are serving our community during the recent coronavirus pandemic and as a way of helping to ensure peace of mind for them, they are currently offering free wills and power of attorney services.  Please contact the office for details.

If you find yourself in need of legal advice involving real estate, criminal matters, corporate law, wills and estates, give them a call.  The office is located at 494 Albert Street East and staff can be reached at 705-942-2000.  Joseph can be reached by e-mail at jgreco@willsonlaw.ca, Bruce can be reached by e-mail at bwillson@willsonlaw.ca, and Adrienne can be reached by email at ahagan@willsonlaw.ca.

The law office of Willson Greco on Albert Street East, on the corner of Spring Street.

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