Cheers to local beers

Randy Russon
June 12, 2020

I like beer.

In fact, it has been a preferred liquid refreshment of mine since, um, I was in Grade 12 at venerable Sir James Dunn Collegiate in the Sault.

The brands of beer on my select list are not as numerous as they once were.

And now, as I support local more than ever before, the products of Northern Superior Brewing and OutSpoken Brewing are my top choices, where available.

Both Sault Ste. Marie breweries seem to have established themselves quite well in the local market. In fact, I would declare both breweries as being quite popular among local beer drinkers.

Northern Superior, in particular, appears to have its various beers available in more local establishments than OutSpoken. But an OutSpoken feature is a mainstay, outdoor patio bar which has regular hours.

Both local breweries have set up shop in the Sault’s downtown and both offer their respective beers for take away purchase from their premises.

Here’s to cheers for local beers from Northern Superior Brewing and OutSpoken Brewing.

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