Feature: Rivercity Motorsports

Angela Romano
June 24, 2020

It was a recent Saturday that I stopped in to speak with general manager Jason Goodine of Rivercity Motorsports & Trailers about what can only be described as a real playground for the outdoor enthusiast.

While I waited for Jason to open the door at Rivercity Motorsports & Trailers I had a chance to look at some of the “toys” on display outside and wow, what a wide variety of fun looking machines! 

Goodine tells Sault Business Matters that he has served as GM for the last three years and absolutely loves being able to make people’s dreams come true in helping them get their dream powersport machine, be it an ATV, UTV, XTV, snowmobile, motorcycle, dirt bike, personal watercraft, pontoon boat, boat, tractor, trailer, and other power equipment.

They have it all! 

Rivercity Motorsports & Trailers has been in business for sixteen years with the new owner having taken ownership four years ago.  The sales team and everyone associated with the business are all outdoor enthusiasts themselves so you know that when stopping in, you will be speaking to people who know what they are talking about and not simply reading you information from the dealer catalogues. 

It is no secret that the business began selling mainly Polaris and Arctic Cat products but in November of 2019, they became an authorized Yamaha dealer. 

In addition to the well-known and respected Polaris, Arctic Cat and aforementioned Yamaha lines, other popular and well-known brands you can expect to find to serve the demands of outdoor enthusiasts include Kioti, SnowPro, newly added G3 Boats by Yamaha,  the very cool and impressive looking Argo amphibious ATV and UTV, Coyote Trailers popular with hobby farmers and Rainbow Trailers. 

When asked what is their biggest seller, Goodine was quick to reply that the Polaris Ranger UTV (Side by Sides) are pretty hot sellers. More women and families are getting into riding and exploring as well so it is not only men that visit Rivercity.

In fact, Goodine agreed that more and more women are also getting into the outdoors and realize how much fun these machines are.  More and more couples and even families are getting into exploring our beautiful region and the great outdoors in these much more comfortable rides then what people may remember from years ago. 

He indicated that often times, he notices basically two categories of sales, the first being the avid hunter purchasing an ATV for himself or the second category being couples who are purchasing for family use.  More and more people are seeing the need to simply “get away” and spend more time in nature and the inventory at Rivercity Motorsports certainly can help with this.   

In fact, during the current pandemic, Goodine noticed a big increase in sales over the last four weeks which can likely be linked to people having more time to get outside, the border being closed so more people shopping for their “toys” on this side of the river.

He points to ATV and dirt bike sales in particular being much higher because even when the store was mandated to be closed, more people could research online and shop online through their site since these items are less dependent on the need to “try them out.” 

Speaking of trying things out, Goodine mentioned that the shop is located directly on the local snowmobile trail and has around ten acres that customers can use to try out their ride which sets them apart from their competitors.  He even mentioned that in the winter months, snowmobilers can ride directly to them and get their oil and whatever else they may need. 

Demos on their property are a big selling advantage and he stated that they often have around four demos per week where groups of people can test out their potential purchases and go for a ride before making their purchases. 

Financing is available and it is also worth noting that they do sell both new and used machines and will entertain any offers so if you have machines you are no longer using, contact the team at Rivercity to see what they can do for you.  

One thing people may not be aware of is the fact that during the winter months, they now offer snowmobile rentals which is a great way to test out the sport and see if you really like it before committing to buying one. This will also be a great market for tourism since local tourism experts are beginning to shift focus to boosting winter campaigns given recent events. 

By and large, Goodine really wanted to highlight the fact that they have an impressive marine line now and people may still be unaware of this so check out their website or stop in to see the impressive lineup of G3 boats, pontoon boats, Waverunners, anglers, Suncatchers, G3’s, and outboards. They would love to help get you on the water especially considering we are blessed to be located smack dab in the middle of Lake Superior and Lake Huron. 

They also have four qualified service technicians and bays for servicing machines with plans to expand both the showroom and their service area in the near future.

Visit www.rivercitysault.com to have a look at their impressive lineup and for current hours of operation or visit them at 1133 Great Northern Road.  To book an appointment, call 705-253-2750.

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