Marty & Kelly on Mane St.

July 24, 2020

Multiple patio bars have become a nice — and welcome — addition to downtown Queen Street in the Sault. And one of the more popular patio bars is located outside Mane St. Cafe and Social House.

Known for its healthy food selections and snacks, the neat, clean patio bar in front of the Mane St. Co. building is located at 626 Queen Street E.

A nice-looking couple that was spotted at the Mane St. patio bar earlier this week is the husband-and-wife duo of Marty Turco and Kelly Turco.

And it came as no surprise that Marty and Kelly were enjoying a nice cold pint of a Kingsville Brewery product.

Marty, a retired National Hockey League goalie who played 11 years in “the Show”, is a part owner of Kingsville Brewery.

The former NHL star and his wife are both Sault Ste. Marie natives and have been married for 20 years. They maintain a summer residence in the Sault with their three kids.

Marty and Kelly (nee Finn) Turco. (Photo by Mary Desimone.)

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