Follow the rules

January 7, 2021

Okay, so maybe it isn’t the news we wanted to hear — that the January 23 southern Ontario lock down date relative to COVID-19 now applies to northern Ontario.

The Ontario government announced today that northern Ontario — which was scheduled to be released from lock down this Saturday — will join the rest of the province for at least two more weeks, until January 23.

But, like it or not, we should all think about listening to what the provincial medical officer of health is saying and abide by the rules and recommendations.

To be sure, it is frustrating that the shutdown in northern Ontario has been extended for, at least, two more weeks.

But, for the benefit of all concerned, why not just play by the rules? I mean, what is two more weeks out of a life time?

Maybe if more people had played by the rules over the Christmas holiday season, we wouldn’t have seen the lock down extended in northern Ontario.

But, there are the stories out there. Of those flouted authority — including those in authority — and held New Year’s Eve gatherings and went against the advice of Algoma Public Health, not to mention the Sault’s chief of police.

What has happened, though, has already happened. And it can’t be erased.

Maybe, just maybe, though, all us can just sit back, reflect and consider three words as we hope to emerge from lock down: Follow the rules.

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