Transit bus advertising options

June 22, 2021

I recently had a chance to catch up with Blaine Smith, who is the managing director of Northern Transit & Arena Advertising Agency (NTAAA), and received some updates from him. As a refresher, NTAAA provides promotion services for businesses and organizations in Sault Ste. Marie, North Bay, and Sudbury.

For Sault Ste. Marie in particular this is via their transit bus advertising which has become increasingly popular. They can produce eye catching advertising that is effective and affordable on the outside and inside of 20 City transit buses.  What an amazing and efficient way to get your message out! 

Blaine tells Sault Business Matters that despite the challenges of COVID-19, there has actually been an up-tick in interest in advertising on the backs and sides of City buses.  The leading interest for the transit advertising has been the full bus wraps that provide “all-around” bus advertising space which many of our readers have likely noticed around town. They are pretty hard to miss and so eye catching!  

The advantage of transit advertising is that you will bring your message directly to your target audience with what is essentially moving billboards.   Your message will be seen by pedestrians and vehicle traffic from multiple directions simultaneously.  There are many size options and formats to choose from.  

Some exciting news for the Sault area is that the City of Sault Ste. Marie will introduce ten new buses into the market this summer which will allow for more of this effective advertising around the city!  To get onboard with your business message, contact Blaine soon! Keep in mind that transit advertising is very affordable and flexible since the signs can be changed and updated throughout the ad campaign for the business or organization. 

Blaine and his team at NTAAA look forward to servicing the business community and any organization looking to get their message out. They welcome any new and creative advertising ideas!  For examples of their great work and to learn more about NTAAA,  visit their website at . For more information or rates, contact Blaine at 705-524-8374 ext. 227 or send him an e-mail at   

NTAAA can’t wait to help get your business noticed!