Davey Home fundraiser

August 11, 2021

F. J. Davey Home Foundation is encouraging Sault Ste. Marie residents to register to walk and fund raise in support of The Grand Parade.

The Grand Parade is a fundraising walk that celebrates and supports aging Canadians and their families in Sault Ste. Marie and locations across Canada.

Described as a fun, family-friendly event, it is slated to take place in the morning of September 18.

The Grand Parade is intended as a moment when Canadians step out to publicly honour aging friends and family, and to fund raise on behalf of the charities who support them.

In our society, growing older can often rob people of status, a sense of being valued, and even self-respect. Yet tens of thousands of Canadians want something better for their aging family member or neighbour or friend.

And hundreds of organizations pursue a different, richer vision of what it means to grow into senior status and beyond as a Canadian. Because of them, and because of any aging person who needs some support to preserve a dignified, decent and emotionally healthy life, there is The Grand Parade.

The Sault Ste. Marie walk in support of F. J. Davey Home Foundation is scheduled to begin and end at the F. J. Davey Home, located at 733 Third Lind East, where walkers will register and turn in the results of their fundraising efforts.

Participants will walk a 2.5km distance, supported by volunteers, signs and a rest stop along the way.

F. J. Davey Home Foundation has been serving Sault Ste. Marie for decades, and the funds raised in The Grand Parade will benefit their clients and our community.

For further information, contact: Susan McCooeye via smccooeye@fjdhfoundation.com