‘We’re getting close’ — Ford

Randy Russon
April 30, 2020

Premier Doug Ford said today that Ontario is “getting close” to re-opening. Appearing on live television from Queen’s Park in Toronto, Ford noted that the provincial government has a sector-specific list of guidelines to protect workers, consumers and the general public from the spread of COVID-19.

“There is a light at the end of the tunnel,” an upbeat, albeit cautious Ford relayed. “Today, we are telling our businesses how to be ready for when we get that green light.

“We are on the path to re-opening the Ontario economy because the (COVID-19) curve is flattening.

“We are getting close … so get ready,” he added.

Ford said the new safety guidelines will provide direction to the manufacturing, food manufacturing and processing, restaurant and food service, and the agricultural factions of the province.

Ontario has also hired 58 new inspectors — they will join hundreds of current labour inspectors — to assist in enforcing the guidelines. They will be tasked with enforcing emergency measures, including physical distancing.

“We will open things in phases as it becomes safe to do so, based on health and science,” Ford said evenly.

“All of these guidelines, taken together with our framework, provide a strong foundation to help get our province working again.

“These guidelines will help Ontario businesses adapt to the new reality,” summed up the Premier.

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  1. Please Mr Ford don’t open the borders for months I live in Sault St Marie a border city We want to be safe Thank you for all you do for us Audrey DaDalt

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