IDA partners with ARCH

Sault Business Matters Staff
May 15, 2020

IDA Pharmacy of the Sault has confirmed a partnership with ARCH Hospice that is designed to provide support where it is needed.

Following is an edited excerpt of a press release that was forwarded to Sault Business Matters.

Locally owned and operated, IDA, has recently partnered with ARCH to provide support where it is needed.

ARCH Hospice is grateful for IDA’s dedication to the community. As an ARCH partner, IDA’s support means that the local pharmacy is helping keep families close when it matters most.

“IDA has been able to assist ARCH in several ways lately,” relayed Joe Greco, one of the partners at IDA. “We’ve purchased new foam mattresses for the pull-out sofas in the resident rooms, we’ve helped with some printing costs, and we’ve also sponsored the ‘Great Bucket List Ball.’ The ball is paused right now due to COVID-19, but we’re excited to help support and attend this event once we have a better idea of the future.”

Sam DeSumma, an owner and a pharmacist at the IDA Market Mall location, noted how the stores have always been about family and community.

“IDA is a family-run company, we work for each other, and with each other, and for the people that come into this store. I greet my customers by name and we chat about their kids or grand kids. They can count on us,” DeSumma noted.

“This means so much during this time,” added Lee Rendell, manager of fund development at ARCH Hospice. “With donations down, and events being postponed or cancelled, it’s really reassuring seeing our community and partners like IDA step up to help.”

Since ARCH Hospice is only partially government funded, donors like IDA are what keep the lights on, food in residents bellies, and comfortable spaces to create final memories.

“We’re all going to need to count on ARCH services someday in some form or another,” noted the aforementioned Joe Greco. “That’s why we think it’s important to support ARCH and make sure it’s there for our customers, our community, and our families.”


ARCH Hospice provides quality, compassionate care through end-of-life to Algoma District families at no cost. The emotional, spiritual, and physical comfort of residents and their loved ones is its highest priority.

ARCH Hospice offers a home-away-from-home during one of life’s most important moments, the end-of-life journey.

ARCH Hospice is partially government funded, requiring over $850,000 annually in community support as well as the generosity of over 140 volunteers to provide its services to the community.

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