Downtown patio bars aplenty

Randy Russon
June 26, 2020

It is patio bar season.

And as we head towards the end of June and are poised to welcome July, the weather outlook is for plenty of warmth and sunshine.

As for the patio bars, there are many to choose from, particularly in the Sault’s downtown.

Making our rounds on Thursday of this week, Mane St. Cafe was a popular spot at its Queen Street E. location, between East and Brock streets.

A feature of Mane St. Cafe is the roll-up canopy that overhangs the neat and tidy patio bar.

And Mane St. Cafe is just one of several outdoor patio bars that dot the downtown area of the good, old Sault.

Other patio bars in the Sault’s downtown include:

  • Algonquin Hotel, on the corner of Queen and Pim.
  • Big Lake Cabin, which is located across from Precious Blood Cathedral.
  • East St. Pizza, located between Queen and Bay.
  • Low and Slow, which is just down the street from Mane St. Cafe.
  • OutSpoken Brewing, located along Queen between Elgin and Bruce.
  • The Whisky Barrel, which is off Queen onto Gore Street.
  • Over to Huron Street, the Boiler Room has its patio bar located across from its spacious parking lot.
  • Along Bay Street, the Delta Hotel has its Fluid patio bar open seven days a week.
  • And Montana’s also features a patio bar with a view of the water.

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  1. The Breakfast Pig (located on Bruce Street) is still a part of Downtown as well and they have a beautiful patio space, are licensed and are open from 8am-8pm every day of the week.

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