RIP, Uncle Joe

December 20, 2020
Uncle Joe

Italian soccer has lost one of its biggest, best and most ardent supporters.

And our family has lost a real character and such a good person.

My uncle Joe DeSimone passed away the other day at the good, old age of 89.

A simple man and an Italian immigrant, he loved to cook for family and take care of all of us, albeit in a manner that was, um, gruff and grouchy at times.

He was cooking for us as recently as a few months ago. But illness finally took hold of him and he passed away rather peacefully as he joined his late wife, Marion, and other family members in Heaven.

As noted, uncle Joe loved soccer. He would watch the games on the Italian television channel and would either cheer or swear in a loud voice, depending on how the matches were going.

As far as cooking, few could make plates like uncle Joe. Even after his wife passed away about three years ago, he was always cooking — and not only for family members. He would bring his famed chicken cutlets, meatballs and baking to some of his other favourite people, including those working at the offices of Dr. Kevin Caruso and Dr. Greg Berg, the Royal Bank on Wellington and Lake streets, as well as the casino.

Ah, the casino.

Uncle Joe loved going to the casino, especially after his wife passed away. He was often accompanied by my wife, Mary, who isn’t known as a gambler. But Mary would patiently stand by for three or four hours as uncle Joe played his favourite machines.

Mostly, he was just a good, good man. He was kind and generous, while a tad — just a tad — on the cranky side.

I liked him — and loved him — from the very first time I met him. And I really liked going on grocery store runs for him over the past year or so — making sure I got the right brand of whatever item he wanted, including his favourite bread, jam and ricotta cheese, not to mention ‘compare’ tomatoes and various types of fruits and vegetables.

Oh my, he was a beauty. He could be cranky and irritable yet still be lovable and generous, all in one. Mostly, his love clearly showed through in an unconditional manner.

He would always ask how our kids were doing. He would always ask how our dog was doing. “As long as everybody is okay,” he would always say.

I know how much my wife and I already miss him and his ways, which, from time to time, would include small doses of yelling and screaming.

Love you, uncle Joe.

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  1. Oh the Casino. Lol. I always called him Robert Di Niro till I got to know him and he would laugh. Such a great cook. He brought Serina and I so many great treats. I will miss him. When I asked him what he used to do for a living he told me and when I mentioned my dad’s name he was so amazed that John Lamont was my dad. (Manager at Lyons) He told me that he had gone to Christmas parties with my parents and how beautiful my mother was. I felt such a wonderful connection with him. Love you Joe!!

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