RIP, Bobby Yeomans

January 24, 2022

A quiet, soft spoken legend on the local music scene, Bob Yeomans passed away suddenly on Saturday. The mystical Yeomans was a musical presence for six decades, performing with countless bands and talented musicians.

Yeomans advanced to stardom in the mid 1970s as a member of the group ‘Jackson Hawke’, which featured fellow local musician, the late Tim Ryan.

Jackson Hawke was co-founded in 1974 by Yeomans and Ryan. They had originally started playing together in 1963 and were later part of the timeless garage band called ‘The Amen.’

Besides Yeomans on guitar and Ryan on lead vocals and guitar, ‘Jackson Hawke’ also featured Gene Falbo on bass and Chris Castle, then Bob Clarke, on drums.

Jackson Hawke’s first single, released in 1976, was a double-sided hit, featuring the original “You Can’t Dance” and a version of Van Morrison’s “Into The Mystic.”

Bob Yeomans

In 1977, the song “Set Me Free” peaked at no. 11 on the hit charts of iconic Toronto radio station 1050 CHUM.

In December, 2007, Jackson Hawke reunited for the Forever 18 concert in Sault Ste. Marie. The event commemorated the musicians who had originally gained local fame in the 1960s, which is regarded as a formative, seminal period in the Sault’s music history.

Yeomans maintained a musical presence in his hometown until his recent, untimely passing at age 74.

One of his former band mates from the old local group, ‘Zak’s All Stars’, Raymond Gassi, paid tribute to Yeomans following his recent sudden passing.

“He was our captain in the original Zak’s All Stars and loved by many for his talent and sweet disposition. A truly gifted and natural player of piano, guitar and drums and a velvet voice. Now, in musical heaven with his partner Tim Ryan,” relayed Gassi.

Condolences are extended to Bob’s wife, Mary Lee Sanderson, and their family, including three sons. RIP, Bob.

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  1. A very nice writeup, Randy. May I make a small correction? In 1963 Bob started up with his first band,the Vendettas, along with Keith McKie, Bob Yukich, John Derbyshire, and Alfred Johns. He moved with the Vendettas to Toronto in in 1965. I n 1967 as the band dissolved he joined the Amen.

    1. Thanks, Alfred. But as per article, I said they started playing together in 1963. I didn’t specifically say it was with the Amen in ’63. Anyway, the Vendettas, I sure do remember them.

  2. Well done Randy, Once again you have beautifully captured the impact Bob had on the music scene as well as being a kind gentle soul. My heart breaks for MaryLee, his lifelong biggest fan.

  3. Back in the day when rehearsing, writing ,arranging ,recording and performing was the norm ,we shared our lives : Bob , Cheryl( Jason their son )Tim myself and our son ,Jesse. The music written chronicled our lives amidst the 70’s and 80’s . They were Canadian boys who had a dream ….. to make honest good music.
    Bob was so good ; an extraordinary and a versatile musician and together they created Jackson Hawke which will live on FOREVER. ♥️

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