Election reflections

October 25, 2022

The people have spoken. And while it is lamentable that the number of ballots cast for the 2022 Sault Ste. Marie municipal election fell well below the majority of eligible voters, the fact remains that those who were elected were designated fair and square to sit in the mayor’s chair and represent city council for the next few years.

I just hope that those who did not get out and vote will refrain from trash talking any mayoral and council decision that they take exception to while the current elected group is in the office. If one can’t take the time to vote, one should not take the time to whine, bitch or complain.

From a personal viewpoint and as a Ward 2 resident, the two people who I voted for were re-elected. And while I did not vote for the mayor elect, he did get more than enough votes to win. And I accept the fact that my choice for mayor did not win while only hoping that the person we elected will carry on with the best interests of the community as a whole.

I take note that voters chose to elect certain councillors who I see as a self-promoting individuals with their own agendas. Then again, they were elected fair and square. And again, we have no choice but to accept the result.

Meantime, I will continue to strongly support local business in the manner that I have. Which is considerable. My wife and I spend, on average, hundreds of dollars a week just in the downtown area. And we see no reason to change that.

Hail to the mayor and council. And here’s to a better future for Sault Ste. Marie.