AU and Indigenous Energy

September 15, 2023

EDITOR’S NOTE: Sault Business Matters has received the following media release from Algoma University relative to a new partnership with Indigenous Clean Energy.

Algoma University and Indigenous Clean Energy have signed a new partnership which will lead to powerful, impactful new programming opportunities for Indigenous AU students. 

“This collaboration’s overarching goal is to develop and deliver quality degree and training programs,” said Mary Wabano-McKay, Algoma University’s Vice-President of Nyaagaaniid-Anishinaabe Initiatives, Equity and Student Success. “The ICE and AU partnership is going to lead non-traditional education delivery models and embrace hybrid approaches to better serve Indigenous learners and communities. Ultimately, our goal is to facilitate greater opportunities for the communities we serve — including First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities who want to take control of their clean energy future and build projects that respect Indigenous land and Treaties.”

At the core of the partnership is a commitment to nurture Indigenous talent, foster capacity-building, and enable skills development through mentorship and high-quality, hands-on programming. Participants of ICE’s 20/20 Catalysts Program will earn university credit while working on clean energy projects in their communities. ICE and Algoma University will work hand-in-hand, leveraging their respective strengths based on a mutual desire to empower future clean energy change makers and innovation.

“At ICE, we’re incredibly excited about partnering with Algoma University,” said James Jenkins, ICE Executive Director. “This partnership represents an amazing opportunity for the 20/20 Catalysts Program as we strive to deliver capacity-building programming rooted in Indigenous leadership values, cultural knowledge, excellence and innovation.”