All about Crime Stoppers

January 3, 2024

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following feature story was written as a special to Sault Business Matters by staff of the local area Crime Stoppers group.

Crime Stoppers is a not-for-profit charitable community service program that brings together the collaborative efforts of law enforcement, the community, and the media. The program is based on the fundamental principle that for every crime committed, someone other than the perpetrator has information crucial to solving the case.

Created to address three significant challenges faced by law enforcement—fear of reprisal, apathy, and reluctance to get involved—the Crime Stoppers program tackles these issues by guaranteeing anonymity to individuals providing information about crimes and rewarding them when their tips lead to an arrest.

The primary goal of Crime Stoppers is to empower individuals to contribute to the safety of their neighborhoods, schools, and businesses by anonymously reporting crime. The program encourages people to reach out with information related to solving past crimes, preventing imminent crimes, addressing crimes in progress, locating wanted or missing persons, reporting narcotics activities, and identifying stolen property.

It’s important to note that Crime Stoppers is not a law enforcement agency and does not conduct investigations; instead, it serves as a way for tipsters to securely and anonymously relay information to the police. Many community members may witness aspects of a crime but hesitate to get involved, fearing reprisals or uncertainty about the proper channels within law enforcement. Crime Stoppers recognizes this reluctance and guarantees complete anonymity to those providing information.

The program’s message is clear: “We do not want to know who you are – we just want to know what you know.” This statement reflects Crime Stoppers’ dedication to creating a safer community by encouraging everyday citizens to play an active role in crime prevention without compromising their anonymity or safety.

Since its establishment in 1985, Crime Stoppers has been actively serving the local community. Presently, the program is overseen and managed by a dedicated team consisting of six directors, 2 coordinators, and an office and event assistant. This group works collaboratively to ensure the effective operation and success of Crime Stoppers in the local area. 

Michael Goodship, CPA, CGA, Chair/Treasurer 

Velvet Redmond Harten, Vice-Chair 

Joe Kemp, Director 

John Korab, Director 

Andrew Bessell, Director

Brian Lester, Director

Cst. Carl Halverson, Ontario Provincial Police

Kendra Addison, Civilian Coordinator 

Susan Pasternak, Office & Event Assistant 

In the Algoma District, we have played a crucial role in apprehending 4,484 individuals, resolving 2,724 cases, recovering stolen property valued at $3,938,562, seizing drugs worth $7,772,434, and approving rewards totaling $508,141 for tipsters.

Individuals wishing to submit a tip can call 1-800-222-8477 or 705-942-7867 to speak with a trained tip taker, or you can visit our website to submit a report online or download the P3 app. 

Guide to Submitting Tips


You can share information by calling 1-800-222-8477 or 705-942-7867 to speak with a trained tip taker, you can visit our website to submit a report online or you can download the P3 app. 

Crime Stoppers ensures a secure and anonymous way for citizens to contribute to crime prevention. Tipsters can report information on any illegal activity, not limited to those featured on our website or social media.

Information submitted through the encrypted online form on is secure, with no access to your IP Address. 

The two-way dialog feature allows Tipsters to add more details to their tip at any time and provides a secure means for the Crime Stoppers Coordinator to seek additional information while keeping the Tipster anonymous. 

We accept information on over 80 offense types, including but not limited to Homicides, Robbery, Abduction, Human Trafficking, Break and Enters, fraud, Warrants, Drugs, and more.


Once you have submitted information, you will receive a code of random numbers and letters, linking you to your tip information. It’s important to note and store this code securely, as we do not know your identity. You can check the status of your tip by calling or revisiting the online form and entering your code number. If your information contributes to solving a crime, you may be eligible for a cash reward.


If your tip is eligible for a reward, the Crime Stoppers Board of Directors approves the reward amount at our monthly meeting. Once approved, the corresponding cash amount is placed in an envelope marked with your code number. We collaborate with trusted local businesses to facilitate the reward pick-up process. They will not ask questions,  you don’t need to sign for anything, or show identification. Collecting your reward is as straightforward as stating, “I am here to collect envelope ABCD1234.”

Show Your Support 

With the festive season upon us, please consider supporting your local Crime Stoppers program by making a donation or by participating in our fundraising events. 

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