Here’s to City Meat Market

December 5, 2023

It is with great pride and excitement that Sault Business Matters further shares the news that City Meat Market has officially been sold to a trio of long standing residents of Sault Ste. Marie who have been working alongside former owners John and Rosina Bruni to ensure the transition goes smoothly.

Anthony Celli, Ernesto DiBerardino and Sonny Spina officially took over ownership on December 1, 2023. It is definitely an emotional time for John and Rosina Bruni and family because they absolutely love what they have built so much and it’s hard to imagine actually being able to relax a little even though they are so deserving of the rest.

The Bruni family (in photo at left, John, Lori and Rosina) has always aimed to provide exceptional customer service and fantastic products while supporting other local entrepreneurs by carrying their products. But the key to their success has always been the way they have treated their customers over the past 18 years.

I am struggling a bit to pen this story and getting emotional because the entire family in many ways feels like my family and this is genuinely speaking from the heart. I, like many of their customers, feel like a part of the extended family. John and the family have added so many amazing homemade, store made products that customers have grown to love and fear not, John has agreed to stay on for the next few months to help with the transition, share recipes and tips, and give hands on experience to the new owners and staff working.

As for the new owners, we have been told that the trio has been amazing during the transition and really hope to keep up the high standards that the Bruni family has maintained. They plan to try and keep things pretty much the same as much as possible. They, like many believe in the adage that you should never mess with a good thing so they hope to glean as much valuable information and insight from the Bruni family as they can to ensure the legacy and standard of the City Meat Market brand lives on.

We here at Sault Business Matters hope that you continue to show the new owners support and we thank them for ensuring this downtown gem remains a part of the local community for years to come.

Meantime, the Bruni Family thanks you for your loyal patronage over the years and wishes nothing but the best to Anthony, Ernesto and Sonny.

And likewise, we at Sault Business Matters wish the very same to the Bruni family — we will definitely miss seeing you on a regular basis. All the best to you all!

What you think about “Here’s to City Meat Market”

  1. I am certainly glad the brand City Meat Market will continue. Having been a customer for many years when John and his staff cut up wild game and now with the different meat packages, it has always been top class products and personnel.
    Will miss the family and wish them the best in a well deserved retirement.

  2. John, Rosina and Lori are like family. We love them, thank them, will miss them and wish them blessings in their next adventures.
    Vince and Kathy xo

  3. This hard working family has provided excellent service to our community. Wishing them all the best in their well-deserved retirement. You will be missed.

  4. John, Rosina,Lori,and staff over the many years have been like family. They are always glad to see you, visit with you and share stories. Their services are always amazing and the very best . Their produce, meat, baking, general grocery items and seasonal specials were and are the best in the business.
    Working almost next door to The City Meat Market it was always a destination after work or during lunch time I would have bought more but it needed to be carried a ways to get it home. I will miss tgeir friendly smiling faces ,but hope they drop by and attend an event, luncheon, dinner at The Ermatinger Clergue National Historic Site soon. Love them all and wish them everything wonderful in their next adventures.
    Welcome new owners ,excited to hear you are on board and I look forward to shopping at the best store The City Meat Market .
    Ian Ganton

  5. Thank you Angela for writing and posting this article. City Meat opened their hearts to our community. Their kindness, respect, work ethic and generosity will be treasured memories for many generations ahead, Thank you John, Rosina and Lori. You are amazing.

  6. God Bless you all – the Bruni family. You so deserve the rest and retirement that is coming your way. Will miss your smiling faces and seeing you every week when we get our meat for the lodge. Can’t wait to see you up here on the shore of Lake Superior. Cheers to you and Congratulations. The O’Connors of Batchawana.

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